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FREE 10 Variables for YouTube Success.
Rapidly grow your views and subscribers in 90 days!

I've worked one-on-one with many people to help them grow their YouTube viewership.

My WORST result?

An increase on TOTAL views by 25% in 90 days. That's a HUGE jump in traffic!*

Want to get a custom strategy for YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL?

I'm taking on ONLY FOUR CLIENTS PER MONTH to do a custom channel evaluation and strategy.

If you become one of FOUR CLIENTS PER MONTH, I will:

Review your channel.
Help you set audience goals and objectives.
Do account analysis to help you hone in on keywords and traffic sources.
Curate a list of keywords for your universal description.
Provide channel strategy.
Give you step-by-step execution plans.

You'll do a pre-session worksheet. I'll review it and we'll have an hour virtual strategy call. I'll follow-up with an execution plan.
And you put it into action! (Of course asking questions you have along the way.)

I'll also conduct a 90-Day follow-up analysis to make sure results are tracking and provide additional revision advice
if I see trends you can capitalize on to expand your channel even more!
Want to apply to be one of the FOUR CLIENTS this month? Email

Investment: $900

(*Of course, this is for people who follow and execute each and every direction. Not everyone does this. But those that do, get BIG results!)
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